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How do I write my first resume?

It’s a daunting task that many of us procrastinate over, for hours, days …..
We come up with a thousand different excuses like: I don’t know how to best represent my personal brand, what should or shouldn’t be include and best of all, I don’t think I have the right experience or any!

Here are a few quick tips to get started.
Name, Address and Contact Details
Profile statement – OMG, what!

It’s a simple statement that sums up what you, the job seeker have to offer and a little insight into your personality.

Highly motivated student seeking my first employment opportunity, which could be the stepping stone into a career. Leveraging from my education experience of meeting deadlines, contributing to local community and schooling events I am willing to work hard and add value to your business. As a bilingual speaker of English, French & native Mandarin I can confidently communicate a wide customer base.

Education & Leadership activities

Skills – computer, social media, languages

Work Experience – sell your personal brand – in most cases you want to job to earn money, right, so show employers why they should invest in you.

Think outside of the square – everyone has experience doing a form of work ie: babysitting, volunteering (Surf Lifesaving, Scouts, Airforce Cadets), taking on small paid/unpaid jobs around the neighbourhood (gardening, washing cars), assisting in school events – waitressing at shool or community events.

References – If you don’t’ have any, use the simple – will be provided upon successful application.

These day employers or recruiters will ask for people who can vouch for your work experience, personal references don’t cut it and either does a good friend.

Look for websites that offer FREE resume templates i.e.:;; Use spell check, have it critiqued by a colleague or parent.

If you attend one of our workshops, part of the service is a personally critiqued resume.

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