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The Internet takes the Personal out of Personal

How many times do you ask someone a question and you get the “just google it” answer? We read, click, read a bit more, listen and watch to YouTube clips but do you get the emotional answer you need?  Probably not.

Seek, Indeed, LinkedIn, Gumtree, Facebook all carry job adverts, career advice, hints, tips and more, but they really educate you on how to interview? Career advisers have some insight but some of them have been in the same job or at the same school for years, same with you Mum & Dad.

I find it so frustrating, especially when interviewing back to back candidates, no one has an individual answer, it’s clinically answered by something read or memorised on a  website. Or worse still, they have NO idea how to answer a simple questions like;

Tell me why should we employ you?

Ummm, I need a job to pay the rent.

This is an open-ended question, designed to give the job seeker the opportunity to shire above the pack, instead, they have unknowingly shut the interview down.

A personal workshop with someone who has experience across many different industries and types of workplaces will be extremely beneficial for you, as I will impart my first-hand knowledge and well-rounded experience and convert them into tips and advice that you can ACTUALLY use, not just another blog post to read.


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